Holiday Sales for 2021

Black Friday Sale

20% off when you spend $100 November 26-29

Terms and Conditions Online and In-store. Discount automatically applied- no coupon or code neccissary. 20% off applied when a purchase totals $100 or more, pre tax. Only available November 26-29 2021. Not applicable on previous purchases. Final sale for purchases made at the Grand Antiqe Mall (no returns accepted). Returns for purchases made online are accepted within a seven day time frame, per Manor Vintage return policy.

How to measure shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and blouses for an accurate fit

This is a complete guide on how to measure tops (shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jumpers, pullovers, and blouses) and then annalyze those measurements, for the best possible fit when online shopping at the Manor. This guide is specific to how we measure our merchandise, and other online retailers may have different ways of doing things with different sets of instructions.

All of our merchandise is measured laying flat on a smooth surface, without any stretch applied to the fabric. If the fabric stretches to fit, or has elastic banding, this will be mentioned in the listing.

Make it a Reading Day Trip

Reading Ohio is known for their historic Bridal District, but what you may not know, is how many shops in this area are unique, locally owned small businesses! Make it a Day Trip, and travel the main street (Reading Road), to find these amazing shops that carry one-of-a-kind items and have a great atmosphere. When you shop small, your money gets invested into the local community, providing jobs and keeping the income circulating locally!

Vintage Style Staples: Huaraches

Huarache Sandals

Or "Sandal sandals.", as the Purépecha translation would be. The repetition has become a North American colloquialism, however. As iconic as the Roman gladiator sandal, this New World equivalent started out as a hand woven shoe for the farming and peasant classes of South America. While the gladiator sandal climbed the fashion ranks in the 2000's to haute couture status on the feet of models like Kate Moss, the Huarache remains in the fashion underground.

Brave New Closet


The Art of Juxtaposition

Among fashion insiders, there is a lot of pressure for innovation and individuality. For how can you become a known entity in the sartorial circuit, if there is nothing to know? I've always wondered how people who wear mostly name brand current fashion ever hope to accomplish this. You'll end up seeing the same Gucci belt, the same Supreme sweatshirt, in every fashion outfit-of-the-day post on the internet. How can this be fulfilling to anyone within the fashion scene? When you are just a copy of a copy of a copy?

How to measure jeans and pants for an accurate fit

This is a complete guide on how to measure, and then annalyze those measurements, for the best possible fit when online shopping.